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Our first investment is into Zero Carbon Forest Investments (ZCFI).  ZCFI is a conservation-focused investment platform focused on restoring, conserving and managing rainforest and mangrove assets funded by Voluntary Carbon Units (“VCUs”). 

ZCFI’s has a significant project under development with approximately 27,000,000 VCUs in Indonesian rainforest credits over a 30-year period. 

These will be generated through a mix of:

  • ARR: Afforestation and Reforestation
  • REDD+: Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation 
  • WRC: Wetland Restoration and Conservation

ZCFI is in the process of obtaining accreditation for the project VCU’s and developing significant community benefits for the indigenous community in collaboration with a local charitable institution.  

This project will also protect several rare and endangered species, including Orangutans, Sun Bears, Pangolins, Eagles and Hornbills from the threat of deforestation.

We will release further details when appropriate.

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